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Creating a secure, scalable, and highly mobile environment for GiveHear

About GiveHear

GiveHear is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit hearing center providing hearing healthcare to low-income adults and under-served children in our community. Our desire is that no person is prevented from full participation in life due to hearing loss.

Our mission is to build the self-worth of individuals by restoring their hearing potential and providing them with opportunities to engage with their communities through service to others.


We operate on a reduced fee, sliding scale basis to make hearing healthcare affordable. We rely on the support of our community through grants, donations, corporate sponsorship and volunteers to make our programs sustainable. In return, our unique Circle of Giving model gives our patients the opportunity to give back to the community through volunteer hours.

For every hearing aid our patients receive through GiveHear, they return a designated amount of volunteer hours to their community. This is our way of saying “Thank you” to the funders and donors that make it possible for our patients to receive the “Gift of Hearing”.


To implement a cost effective, security and privacy focused, documentation and communication platform. This information system needs to position GiveHear to have the ability to grow and expand their impact in our community as new opportunities become available.


To meet or exceed HIPAA security and privacy requirements while maintaining an affordable ongoing cost with a low up front capital investment.


Microsoft’s Office 365 suite offers a document storage solution that is second to none when it comes to security, scalability, privacy and compliance management. With the addition of robust secure email capability, advanced threat protection, and special nonprofit pricing, the decision was clear.

Inherently Mobile

As a nonprofit organization, GiveHear has a dynamic work environment that requires collaboration and mobility in order to best serve our to the fullest extent possible. By leveraging powerful cloud based platforms like Exchange and Share-Point we are able to provide a mobile and collaboration experience that is second to none.

Users can co-author documents and easily and securely share work both inside and outside of the organization. Cross platform mobile apps enable a consistent experience and secure access regardless of device type. This enables everyone to quickly access and update a document or send a secure email anytime, anywhere.

Phishing Email Protection

Instinctively Secure

In light of the ever-changing cyber security landscape threat protection is more important than ever. When deciding on a strategy for GiveHear, it was important to implement a solution that provides end to end security on all devices and advanced threat protection. With the Office 365 platform, users are protected against phishing, zero-day attacks, and malware. All connections to the cloud are secured and can be managed from a central console. Users also receive continuous training through tips designed to help them recognize suspicious content and attacks.

Information Protection

As an organization that provides medical services, GiveHear strives to comply with the latest HIPAA guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. By using the powerful policy based information protection features built right into the Office 365 platform we are able to provide all of the controls needed to meet HIPAA requirements.

Data is protected against unauthorized access with user permissions and encryption which ensure that everyone has access to what they need while protecting data both at rest and in transit. Automated security policies analyze email messages and detect important data to trigger powerful encryption to keep sensitive communications secure.


“These guys did a great job. I brought them cake.

Anna B.
Executive Director

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