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Hi, We’re Fort Wayne IT Solutions

A forward-thinking group of folks working to make technology reliable and simple for everyone.

Our Philosophy

Fort Wayne IT Solutions was founded on the notion that technology, a fundamental part of modern business, should not be something to be afraid of but rather embraced as a way to improve, expand and develop ways to change our world for the better.

As a result of this ideal, our leadership maintains extremely high expectations of our staff and challenges everyone to meet high standards of customer service and attention to detail. Our team must demonstrate the ability to describe problems and solutions in ways that those unfamiliar with computers and infrastructure can understand without making them feel left out in the cold.

We leverage each of our team members’ specific set of skills to the fullest extent which enables us to be more diverse in our ability to tackle unique situations.

Company Milestones


Fort Wayne IT Solutions was founded with the vision of making excellent IT service simple and accessible to everyone.


With a team of just 3 individuals looking to the future, we began building our managed service portfolio for our customers to help them navigate and adapt to the rapidly changing technology environment.


With a need for more space, Fort Wayne IT Solutions moved to a new office and added additional staff all while staying true to our philosophy that our customer service quality and reputation for excellence is everything. We set our sights on the goal of becoming Fort Wayne’s highest-rated IT service provider.


Security, availability, and mobility are the cornerstones of the modern workplace. We’ve completely refreshed our managed service offerings for 2021 to stay ahead of the curve and maintain our ability to provide excellent service. With new tools at our disposal, we can provide faster more comprehensive service than ever before.

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Building a Stronger Community

Through good leadership, with a focus on accountability, we strive to create a legacy of positive impact in our community. By developing partnerships with local companies and nonprofits we are constantly working to create new opportunities to enable people to connect with one another.

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What drives us

Staying ahead of the curve requires a relentless pursuit.


Helping others is a fundamental part of humanity that extends to every facet of life. We find it extremely fulfilling to help take the headaches and frustration out of technology for people.


Technology is a field that changes rapidly and requires dedication and attention to detail. It is through continued education that we rise to the challenge and stay ahead of the curve.


It is through new and streamlined solutions that we can show our customers that change isn’t always a bad thing. By improving efficiency and mobility we enable our customers to excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What products or services do you offer?

    Think of us as your personal IT department. We provide consulting and managed services for small to medium sized businesses. The best way to learn more is to schedule a free consultation.

  • Are your technicians certified in the solutions and services you provide?

    Yes, our technicians are encouraged to pursue a number of certifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Sophos, and more. Each of our technicians has the opportunity to specialize in areas that interest them and we provide an incentive program to encourage the pursuit of multiple certifications.

  • Do you have enough resources to serve us effectively and in a timely manner?

    We are a company that focuses on personalized service for each of our clients. We serve organizations large and small. Most help desk issues are resolved in one business day. We strive to handle emergencies as quickly as possible regardless of the time of day.

  • What geographical areas do you serve?

    We do not have an exact service area but work best with business based in and around the Fort Wayne area. With the proper systems in place we are able to manage branch offices all around the country and do exactly that for a number of businesses.

  • Do you follow industry standards and best practices?

    Yes, we create, manage, and maintain information systems for our clients. Our focus is to make things simple, secure, and reliable for the unique use case of each client following industry best practice guidelines.

  • Do you document work so that you have accurate and complete records?

    We have a robust trouble ticketing system that we use to track all help desk requests and also maintain detailed systems documentation for each of our clients. During our client on-boarding phase we work with each client to compile as much documentation regarding existing systems as possible. All new equipment deployed by Fort Wayne IT is thoroughly documented.

  • What are your normal business hours and what is your availability outside of those hours?

    Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm. We offer scheduled after hours service and emergency response. We strive to handle emergencies as quickly as possible regardless of the time of day.

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